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Elon GPT
Tap into Elon Musk's expertise in tech, space, and business.
Hi! Imagine chatting with an Elon Musk-inspired AI. Let's talk tech, space, and innovation!
Visit, Elon GPT
By Sunny Gupta
Friendly Project Manager for Agile and Scrum.
Hello, I'm Elon, ready to help with your project!
Visit, Elon
By Carl Wicklund
Explains complex engineering concepts in simple terms for non-technical managers.
Hi! How can I help you understand engineering concepts today?
Visit, Elon
Summer Smash 2024
By Sophie Kornick
Expert in festival marketing for Summer Smash Music Festival 2023.
Hello! Ready to strategize for Summer Smash Music Festival 2023?
Visit, Summer Smash 2024
By Logan A Billey
Easily take excerpts from pages and strike the fluff to create a wealth of contextually driven knowledge. Designed to help you learn better with important details
Visit, Summer-E

Visit, Summer
Easy Ten
By (주)엠알웍스
Identifies and explains the ten easiest solutions.
Hi! Tell me what you need the easiest solutions for.
Visit, Easy Ten
소설 쓰는 것을 도와주는 GPT 입니다. 자신만의 소설을 만들어보세요
Ready to weave some stories together?
Visit, 나도 소설 좀 써보자
한국전력공사 2022발표 감사보고서 전문가
안녕하세요! 한국전력공사 2022년 감사보고서에 대해 궁금한 점이 있으신가요?
Visit, 한국전력공사 2022.03.21발표 감사보고서
Legal Muse
By Jason Nemetz
The most creative legal assistant
Visit, Legal Muse
Legal Reader
By Muhamet Ademi
Adaptive Kosovo Legal Guide.
Greetings, I'm here to guide you through Kosovo's Penal Code.
Visit, Legal Reader
Legendas - Arkpro
By gustavo a e souza
Especialista em legendas luxuosas para Ark Pro.
Vamos criar legendas que encantam e atraem para a Ark Pro?
Visit, Legendas - Arkpro
Urban Legends
By Robert Domaine
AI enthusiast of urban legends, sharing profound storytelling experiences.
Welcome to Urban Legends! Dive into the world of folklore and mythology with us. - Explore tales from around the globe. - Get translations in any language. - Enjoy stories enhanced with detailed images. Let's uncover the mysteries together!
Visit, Urban Legends
Legendas Automáticas
Especialista em criar legendas para Instagram
Olá! Pronto para criar legendas incríveis para o seu Instagram?
Visit, Legendas Automáticas
GPTLG - Legendas
By Djpaje Official
Esse Assistente vai te ajudar a criar legendas persuasivas para os seus Posts, a partir de imagens e comando.
Visit, GPTLG - Legendas
para suas redes sociais
Visit, Criador de Legendas Automáticas
Promove escola de italiano com legendas inspiradoras.
Pronto para destacar sua escola de italiano nas redes sociais?
Visit, Criador de Legendas para Escola de Italiano
Seu Assistente para Criação de Legendas Brabas
Visit, Legendas Brabas
By Larissa P S Magri

Botany ID
By Michael Hulen
I can identify plants and provide care instructions.
Hello! Ready to identify some plants?
Visit, Botany ID
ID Logistics Mission Assistant
By youssef tsouli chahid
ID Logistics personalized on the context of ID Logistics mission
Visit, ID Logistics Mission Assistant
ID Insight
By Joseph A Evanick
Instructional design expert offering insights and evaluations.
Hello, I'm ID Insight, your instructional design assistant.
Visit, ID Insight
Plant ID
By Ryan Killingsworth
Identifies Plants by Photo
Visit, Plant ID
EN <> ID Translator (informal)
Translation assistant for English and informal Indonesian.
Visit, EN <> ID Translator (informal)
Animal ID
By Rafael Guerrero
In-depth animal identifier with easy-to-read tables and friendly voice interaction.
Welcome to Animal ID! Please upload an image of an animal.
Visit, Animal ID
Visual ID
By Rafael Bittencourt
Specialized in creating visual identities using DALL-E technology for individuals, businesses, and companies, aiming to build strong and memorable brand images.
Visit, Visual ID
Brand ID
By Jae youn ryu
I help you create and conceptualize brand logos with creative ideas.
Hello! Ready to design a great logo? Let's brainstorm together!
Visit, Brand ID
ID Schema
By Tim Kim

Visit, ID Schema
Tree ID
By Dylan jones
I identify trees and plants from photos, providing botanical details.
Hello! Upload a photo of a tree or plant, and I'll identify it for you.
Visit, Tree ID
The Dude
By Tommaso Pernice
That's just like, your opinion man.
Visit, The Dude
Ad Wizard
I craft engaging Facebook ad copies.
Welcome to the Facebook Ads Copywriting Expert! Let's create an engaging ad for your campaign. First, what's the primary objective of your ad? A) Increase Brand Awareness B) Drive Website Traffic C) Generate Leads D) Boost Engagement E) Promote a Product or Service Type the letter of your choice:
Visit, Ad Wizard
Creative ad whiz. Unconventional and bold.
Dive into creative advertising for fashion, beauty, and tech! What's your vision?
Visit, Ad Genius
Ad Expert
By Philip Murphy
Social media marketer specializing in Meta and TikTok ad strategies.
Hi! Ready to boost your Meta and TikTok ad skills?
Visit, Ad Expert
Ad Creator
By Franz Sanjines
Create visual content, advertising materials and social media images
Hello! Ready to create stunning visuals for your publicity needs?
Visit, Ad Creator
Robert Downey Jr.
By Gabriel Ungureanu
AI Simulating Robert Downey Jr's Voice
Visit, Robert Downey Jr.
Assists in practicing Japanese to English translation with corrections.
Hello! Ready to translate some Japanese into English?
Visit, Quick English Jr.
Your personal English tutor.
Hello! Ready to practice some English?
Visit, JR English
Picasso Jr
By Kanishk Rawat
Versatile artist in modern and classic digital designs
Hello, I'm AI Picasso, your versatile design maestro!
Visit, Picasso Jr
JDEV JR for Asearch
By Asearch Anna Kamińska-Mlącka
Mały wesoły Koder
Visit, JDEV JR for Asearch
College Prep, Jr.
By John Spiridakis
College preparation advice for high school juniors!
Hello Junior! Ready to dive into your authentic college prep journey?
Visit, College Prep, Jr.
Martin Luther King Jr
By hamid bahri
Engage with Martin Luther King Jr.'s inspiring legacy on civil rights, equality, and non-violent protest, guided by his powerful speeches and writings
Visit, Martin Luther King Jr
An educational guide on MLK Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement for teachers.
Welcome to 'Dreams of Equality' - your guide to MLK Day.
Visit, Martin Luther King Jr.
Socrates Jr
By Marius Manolachi
A virtual Socrates, guiding through questions.
Hello! Let's discover solutions together.
Visit, Socrates Jr
Martin Luther King Jr.
Emulates MLK Jr., guiding a time traveler with eloquent rhetoric.
Welcome, time traveler. Let us explore the journey for justice and equality.
Visit, Martin Luther King Jr.
Prêmio Almeida Jr
By Alexandre Goncalves
Assistente especializado na promoção 'Prêmios pra valer' dos shoppings Almeida Junior
Olá! Vamos falar sobre a promoção 'Prêmios pra valer'?
Visit, Prêmio Almeida Jr
Martin Luther King Jr
By RomanBridge
Voice of Wisdom
Guided by MLK Jr.'s teachings, let's seek wisdom together.
Visit, Martin Luther King Jr
ArtWhiz Jr.
By chabert
Child-friendly AI art tutor for creative learning
Hello young artist! Ready to explore the world of art?
Visit, ArtWhiz Jr.
RFK Jr Researcher
By RIS Investments
Analyzes US politics to predict 2024 election outcomes.
Let's explore the 2024 US election together.
Visit, RFK Jr Researcher
Expert in VR/AR content generation for architecture, focusing on realistic modeling, interactivity, and education.
Hello! Ready to explore VR/AR in architecture with me?
Visit, Architectural VR/AR Assistant
Unveil the capabilities of Augmented and Virtual Reality with AR & VR Explored. Dive into the transformative world of AR and VR and their impact across various sectors. 🚀👓
Visit, AR & VR Explored
Direct insights from analyst reports, no prompts needed, just paste the report to start.
Visit, Analyst Report Summary
wreckage image recognizer
By בן שניידר
Expert in identifying building wreckage materials and advising on debris management.
Hi! I'm here to help with identifying building wreckage and advising on debris management.
Visit, wreckage image recognizer
Image OCR
By Schweitz Michael
Upload images containing the text you wish to extract. On mobile devices, long-click the extracted text to copy. In browsers, click the clipboard icon below the extracted text. For multi-prompt outputs you may need to select and copy the text manually. Accurate text extraction is not guaranteed!
Welcome! Please upload an image with text you'd like to OCR.
Visit, Image OCR
Extracts text from images and formats it according to your preference.
Salut! Envoyez une image pour extraction de texte et choix de format.
Visit, OCR
Swift AI OCR: Convert PDFs to text effortlessly! Top-rated, user-friendly PDF text extraction. Upload your file now for quick results.
Hello! Please upload a PDF file to start.
Visit, Free OCR | PDF File to Text with AI 🤖
이름의 각 단어를 이용하여 의미있는 이야기로 만들어주는 서비스
Visit, 삼행시 짓기
내가 작성한 글을 입력하면 교정할 부분이 있는지 검토합니다.
Visit, 글 교정기
BLOG 글 검사
By 휴먼피봇
Korean blog reviewer providing detailed, actionable evaluations.
안녕하세요! Ready to give specific and actionable feedback for your blog.
Visit, BLOG 글 검사
Culinary Lens
By Runze Yan
Identifies foods from images, matching them to precise codes and descriptions
Hi! Upload a food image, and I'll identify it for you.
Visit, Culinary Lens
Lyric Lens
By Phillip L Mauney
I turn song lyrics into vivid, detailed imagery and create corresponding visual art.
Hello! Share a song, and I'll translate its lyrics into imagery and art.
Visit, Lyric Lens
DMT Lens
By Paul J Phillips
Transforms images with a DMT-influenced style
Welcome to DMT Lens! Show me an image or describe one, and I'll transform it with a DMT twist.
Visit, DMT Lens
대한민국 신입생 재학생 졸업생 모두 주목!! 아직도 대학정보 어렵게 습득하나요?! 함께하는 대학생활 숭실대학교 정보의 지식보유자인 인공지능 AI 챗봇이 당신의 대학생활 고민을 해결합니다. 학사 일정, 등록금, 교내 활동, 동아리, 식사장소, 핫플, 맛집, 놀거리 등 다양한 정보를 제공하며, 개별 질문에 기반하여 교과, 비교과, 채용 정보, 교내활동/대외활동과 관련된 추천도 제공합니다. 또한, 학교 시설물 위치를 안내하고, 주변 맛집을 소개하여 학생들의 편의를 돕습니다. #한국 #대학교 #대학 #입시
Visit, 숭실대학교 - Soongsil University
Helps with ACT test preparation, providing practice questions and tips.
Hello! Ready to practice for the ACT?
Visit, ACT Tutor
By Michael Davis, MD
ACT tutor and study assistant
Hello! Ready to ace the ACT?
Visit, ACT Ace
Data Scout
By Kiran Rockey Augustin
A friendly, professional data aggregator offering detailed, ethical data guidance.
Hi there, I'm Data Scout, your friendly expert in data aggregation!
Visit, Data Scout
Data Sage
By Alex Bar
I'm a Data Analyst & Tutor GPT
Hello! Ready to dive into some data analysis?
Visit, Data Sage
Data Muse
By Ankit Kumar Baliyan
Data analyst assistant providing insights and support.
Hello! Ready to dive into some data analysis?
Visit, Data Muse
Data Sage
By Aman Urumbekov
Data Scientist with in-depth explanations.
Hello! Ready to dive into the data science details?
Visit, Data Sage
Data RaaS
By Sirius sas zomac
Expert in data analysis and visualization
Hello, I'm Data RaaS, ready to assist with your data queries.
Visit, Data RaaS
사주 풀이
By 변경삼
사주 봐 드립니다.
Visit, 사주 풀이
서류에서 탈락하셨다면 자기소개서가 문제가 없었는지 한 번 검토하는 것이 좋습니다. 자기소개서를 보내주시면 더욱 좋은 자기소개서로 변환시켜드립니다.
Visit, 대기업 인사팀 7년차 김하나 - 자기소개서 봐드립니다.
By donghwa
동화하모니와 함께 국제결혼합니다. 궁금하시는 것 모든지 물어 봐 주세요
Visit, 국제결혼
PowerShell에 대한 내용은 여기에 물어 봐
Visit, PowerShell QnA
Use AI to predict the outcomes of personal injury cases based on historical data and trends. This tool helps attorneys set realistic expectations with clients and devise winning strategies.
Welcome to GrowFirm.AI's Personal Injury Case Outcome Predictor.
Visit, Personal Injury Case Outcome Predictor
Precise 3-sentence summaries for course alignment
Ready to create precise summaries for TECN 133 outcomes. How can I assist you today?
Visit, TECN 133 Outcome Summary Generator
GCP Guru
By Ammar Fahad
An expert in GCP cloud architecture solutions.
Hello, I'm your GCP cloud architecture expert!
Visit, GCP Guru
GCP Guru
By Julio Jesús Potestad Berovides
GCP Guru: Simplifying Google Cloud Platform knowledge for everyone.
Hi there! I'm GCP Guru, here to make Google Cloud easy for you.
Visit, GCP Guru
GCP Expert
By Jose Albert Padin
Google Cloud Architect & Developer Expert, assisting with GCP queries.
Hello! I'm here to assist with your Google Cloud Platform needs.
Visit, GCP Expert
GCP Navigator
By Scott Rooke
Expert in GCP, aiding in setups, configurations, and deployments
Hello! Ready to assist you with Google Cloud Platform.
Visit, GCP Navigator
GCP Navigator
By Siddhardhan S
Your GCP resource management guru.
Hello, how can I assist you with Google Cloud Platform today?
Visit, GCP Navigator
GCP Guru
By Christian Guerrero
Casual-tone GPC tutor creating questions from PDFs or URL and explaining post-response.
Hey there! I'm GPC Guru, ready to help you ace your GPC certification. Let's get started!
Visit, GCP Guru
I am a GCP Instructor, here to guide you through Google Cloud.
Hello! Ready to explore Google Cloud with me?
Visit, GCP Mentor
GCP Tutor
Experto en BigQuery y Google Sheets en Google Cloud
Hola, soy GCP Tutor. ¿Cómo puedo ayudarte con BigQuery o Google Sheets hoy?
Visit, GCP Tutor
Easy GCP
By Shivam Gupta
An AI Guide which help you learn GCP (Google Cloud Platform) with ease and depth
Visit, Easy GCP
GCP Assistant
By Yash Gupta
Assists beginners with Google Cloud Platform, providing clear, technical guidance and resources.
Hello! How can I assist you with Google Cloud Platform today?
Visit, GCP Assistant

Visit, GCP
Experto en GCP
Hola, estoy aquí para ayudarte con tus dudas sobre Google Cloud. ¿En qué puedo asistirte hoy?
Visit, Experto en GCP
Flutter, GCP & Fastlane Expert
Assists with Flutter, GCP, and Fastlane Queries
Visit, Flutter, GCP & Fastlane Expert
Big Data Guru - GCP
By Christian Fonseca
Expert in explaining big data concepts and GCP tool guidance.
Hi! Ready to dive into big data and GCP with me?
Visit, Big Data Guru - GCP
Creative advice, ideas, and insights to make the most of the Fighter class in the Dungeons and Dragons RPG (DnD D&D 5E)
Visit, ⚔️ D & D 5E: Fighter Companion 🛡️
Word Weaver
By Kenta Maeda
I provide creative wording for any word you give.
Tell me a word, and I'll craft something special for it.
Visit, Word Weaver
Helps with university accreditation reports.
I'm here to help with your university accreditation report.
Visit, 인증 보고서 도우미
By 서울대학교 기초교육원
회의(meeting) 녹취록 또는 메일(email) 내용을 복사해 붙여 넣어주세요(copy & paste). 이용약관: (개인정보 익명화, 기밀 삭제 후 이용 필요)🙌😨😱🥶☠️    [내용 길 경우 이용방법] 아래는 회의 녹취 뒷 부분이야. 기존 회의 녹취 내용과 합쳐서 회의록 작성해줘   --------------------------------------------     회의 녹취록 뒷 부분...
Visit, PM
business chat
Assists with professional business chat responses.
Welcome to Business Chat! How can I assist you with your business conversations today?
Visit, business chat
Try me.
Up for a roast that's friendly but edgy? Let's go!
Visit, Roast Me
스톡 사진을 위한 독특한 디자인으로 3D 유리 하트를 만듭니다.
안녕하세요! 유리 하트 3D 이미지를 만들 준비가 되셨나요? 어떻게 도와드릴까요?
Visit, 귀엽고 긍정적인 이미지 크리에이터
Alim Al-Qadim
By Nicholas Hewlett
Ancient AI sage of the Coriolis universe.
Salaam and welcome! I am Alim Al-Qadim, ready to impart ancient wisdom.
Visit, Alim Al-Qadim
Creates personalized study plans for various university subjects
Hello! Ready to plan your studies?
Visit, Study Planner Pro
Professional prompt engineer for ChatGPT, creating precise prompts.
What do you need help with today?
Visit, Prompt 장인
옛날 이야기를 영상용 대본으로 만들어 줍니다.
Visit, 옛날 이야기 짧은 대본 만들기

Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.

What's GPTs?
GPTs are custom versions of ChatGPT, designed for specific purposes. They can be created by anyone to assist with daily tasks, work, or home activities. These tailored GPTs can offer specialized help, like learning board game rules, teaching kids math, or designing stickers, and can be shared with others.
What's GPT Store?
GPT Store is a platform for discovering publicly available GPTs (custom versions of ChatGPT). It offers a wide range of vetted, high-quality GPT works and allows users to search for specific GPTs to meet their needs. The platform also evaluates numerous GPTs and publishes rankings to highlight the best among them.
Additionally, GPT Store showcases the most useful and delightful GPTs in various categories, such as productivity, education, and entertainment. In the near future, creators will have the opportunity to earn money based on the usage of their GPT by others.
How to create GPTs with ChatGPT?
1. Log in to ChatGPT Plus: First, log into your ChatGPT Plus account using your email address, password, or the single sign-on function. You may need to complete a second verification step if two-factor authentication is enabled.2. Click on “Create a GPT”: Once logged in, select the “Create a GPT” option at the top of the page to go to the main building area for your GPT.
3. Come Up with an Idea for a GPT: After clicking on “create a GPT,” you’ll be taken to a page where you need to come up with an idea for your GPT.
4. Come Up with a Name and Decide on an Image: Choose a name for your chatbot and select an image that will represent your GPT as a sort of “profile” picture.
5. Refine the Context of Your GPT: Give the chatbot more information about how you’d like it to answer your queries and what you’d like it to do.
6. Upload Files and Create a Knowledge Base: If required, upload documents to your chatbot. This will help refine your chatbot, although not all GPTs will need this step.
7. Test Your Chatbot in Preview Mode: Test your chatbot in the “playground” to see if it fulfills its original purpose.
8. Tweak Your Chatbot's Instructions: After testing, you might want to refine the chatbot's instructions to get better responses.
9. Share Your Chatbot or Restrict It from Public View: Decide whether to make your chatbot public or keep it private.
What is the difference between GPTs and ChatGPT?
GPTs is you customize ChatGPT for a specific purpose.
Since launching ChatGPT people have been asking for ways to customize ChatGPT to fit specific ways that they use it. We launched Custom Instructions in July that let you set some preferences, but requests for more control kept coming.
Many power users maintain a list of carefully crafted prompts and instruction sets, manually copying them into ChatGPT. GPTs now do all of that for you.
Does it cost money to use GPTs?
Using GPT models does not directly incur a charge. However, accessing these models typically requires having a 'Plus' account, which may have its own costs or subscription fees. This requirement applies regardless of whether you use any 'Premium' features in creating with GPT.